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Menus for after the hurricane

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With the approaching Hurricane Harvey what foods do you normally stock for after the storm? Growing up on the gulf coast, too many times the very first things that disappeared from the store shelves

Dee reminded me we also have a small inventory of cookies.   We donate much of our inventory in December, using up the various canned items and water stockpiled for the season of June - October. Get

Make sure you have a gun, in case your neighbors gang up on you for that can opener.

(And nobody here is going to make this a political discussion)


The current forecast for Hurricane Irma has moved it about 150 miles to the west, off the southwest corner of the state. Coming across the Keys, and passing near Naples, Punta Gorda, Fort Myers, etc. Since Thursday, the eye's course has moved west about 200 miles, as it had been just east of us, here on the east coast. The current forecast is for tropical storm winds, 8 inches of rain, and mild storm surges into the bays and channels


As a result of the renovations underway, we no longer have a stove or dishwasher. I brought the propane grill and the charcoal grill into the garage, which leaves me with a fridge and the Instant Pot. So, I made some sausages, Hatch chiles, rice, diced tomatoes, some previously cooked Rancho Gordo black beans, and stock. It was tasty, with two cans of Bell's Ale, watching the rain pelt against the windows. Needed biscuits, though.


I have some more cooked beans, cooked chicken, cheese, lots of crackers, canned low salt beans, crackers of various sorts, peanut butter, cookies, dried beef, gallons of water. Greens, dried fruits and berries, canned soups, brownies, brewed iced tea, and so on...

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huh. I apologize. 61% of American Households have an electric can opener. I guess I really am an out of touch urban elite.

I have never had an electric can opener. My OXO manuel works for me everytime, even when the power goes out.

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manual can openers are great, but if my arthritis gets worse, I won't have any hesitation getting an electric.

Empathy. Screw top jars kill me.


I had an older friend who used to have a collection of screw tops lined up for me to open whenever I visited. I used to take her shopping, so I told her that when she bought a jar that she would soon be using, she should just ask the checker to open it for her. So there we were in the checkout line. She sweetly asked the burly check out guy if he could please open this jar of pickles. Absolutely, mam. So he huffs and puffs, and twists and torques, and finally takes it to an adjacent checker who does much the same before returning the opened and closed jar. Something is wrong here. Since my 4 year old grand daughter can fight her way into most packaging, but seniors can't open their condiments?

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I usually microwave a saucer or small bowl of water to boiling, and leave the (upside down) jar in the water. Metal top fully covered.


Ten minutes later the water has cooled and the jar's lid has expanded. Metal expands more rapidly than glass. Works like a charm for sticky items like barley malt or molasses, too.

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