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The oysters are delicious. They're tiny, as seems to be the current trend (I'm estimating each oyster is around half the size of a European #3) but really very good.   Shrimps are listed as a raw ba

He's been a way a while, so maybe you've forgot your translation rubric - that's nearly a rave for an NYC resto. I just booked it,

The hit ratio this time has been so low that we almost went back for a third round of buttery goodness at Sunday in Brooklyn.

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It remains nice and also remains hard to compose a satisfying meal. The wine list is longer and still good. The salting problems and overall randomness are as Joe describes...


The nice part is what I really enjoy about it. I guess we don't even go any more thinking about composing the meal - just a couple of "small plates" and perhaps splitting a bigger dish. It's so close, which helps figure in the decision. If only some of the other close places were this nice and good. 

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A little bit more consistency has appeared, and sometimes, like last night, it's 3 women working the line. I like that.


Somewhat simple food I had last night, included this pan con tomate con jamón Serrano.




What sets it apart from most pan con tomate, and I love pan con tomate, is their generous use of freshly grated horseradish. Also, the "tomate" is actually a compound butter, made with the awesome tomato paste they get from Gustiamo.  Is it classic? No. Is it great? You be the judge - I think so.


I was sent a little gift from the chef, black cod collar. Black cod was on the menu - they had received 4 or 6 of them, and she was kind enough to cook up the most wonderful part for me. The collar is small, but it is as delicious as expected.


I also ordered the main course black cod, a nice hunk of filet, served with spigarello.  Great piece of sablefish, half of which was eaten on my bagel this morning.


Fun wines by the glass. 


COMP DISCLOSURE:  That black cod collar, maybe a nice pour.

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Did you see they're doing an old cow steak night 2/10 with the same beef that Ernesto uses :)

Yes, chef mentioned to me last time we were in - we're out of town that week.


It's funny, when I walked in the other night and they were slammed with literally not a single seat, I said to myself, "shit, I should've gone to Ernesto's."  But they asked me to come back in 15 minutes, so I went to Clandestino for a Guinness, came back, and they proceeded to move everyone at the counter to free up a seat for me.

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They finished any sort of dining "in" option (or dining out on Canal St.) last week. Transitioning to being a market-ish type of place. 

One of the chefs sent this to me...


Hi mitch joethefoodie.  We will be selling all sorts of sustainable fishes, seafoods and meats. Plus prepared foods and lots of wine. Thurs-sun. Ill be there on Sundays, feel free to come say hello if you all are comfortable, would love to catch up with you and alison Significant Eater. Stay safe, friend!

Certainly will make it easier for me to show my love.

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So for the first time I popped into the Cervo's shop yesterday. and I'm sorry I waited this long. They've done such a nice job of converting that tiny space into a wine shop, seafood market, little farmer's market, etc. etc. So I shopped...


I brought home a Piri Piri chicken (you do have a choice of buying it already cooked, for those so inclined), 8 really big wild Gulf shrimp (once again, to cook at home), 2 bottles of wine, and a couple of bottles of sauces. The chicken is a bigger bird than the one they were serving back in the olden times; that one, if memory serves me correctly, was served cut in half (no backbone) and cooked on the plancha...flat. with fries; this is a 3.25 lb. whole bird. 

I poached the shrimp and made a little cocktail sauce...


Used some of the (very) hot sauce...


After roasting the bird, I cut it up a bit...


So nice and juicy (actually, Significant Eater (who, as you know, likes stuff, ummmm, cooked more than I do), mentioned that she wouldn't have minded more fire on the breast - it was just right).  You also get a pint or so of chicken "jus" which I served atop the sliced breast for her, and on the side for me to dip. Only thing missing - their splendid fries. I made twice cooked potatoes.

A great way to cook a nice dinner, without having to run all over town for the ingredients. They've got some nice special stuff for the holidays, too...



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The last day of the grocery/seafood store pivot will be April 18th - depressing to me, yet hopefully good for them. Initially, they will only offer outdoor seating, but with a greater capacity than when they were fully indoor capable. Mentioned to me that the grocery option will continue at one of the Bklyn locations.

Today, I got me a dozen prawns, a slab of that wonderful steelhead from Hudson Valley Fisheries ( @Orik - what was your cure again? I want to smoke in the donabe!), a couple of Bien Cuit baguettes, a bottle of house sherry, and 2 sandwiches for lunch, already devoured. They had some nice looking Black Sea Bass, clams, etc. 

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Only time will help.




2% salt, 1% sugar, of course you can add dill or beet juice or other gravlax-ish things. 24 hours in a vacuum bag then rinse and pat dry, 12 hours on open wire rack to dry in fridge.

p.s. we use Dextrose and not sugar, but it shouldn't make any difference for such a short cure. 

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