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The oysters are delicious. They're tiny, as seems to be the current trend (I'm estimating each oyster is around half the size of a European #3) but really very good.   Shrimps are listed as a raw ba

He's been a way a while, so maybe you've forgot your translation rubric - that's nearly a rave for an NYC resto. I just booked it,

The hit ratio this time has been so low that we almost went back for a third round of buttery goodness at Sunday in Brooklyn.

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Finally had dinner here the other night, after months of using them as one of my main suppliers during the lockdown. They have built an impressive structure out on Canal St. (as another business owner on Canal St. told me - he has umbrella envy**); they won't be opening indoors for a while (cuz indoors is tiny). Canal St. between Essex and Orchard is barricaded to traffic most evenings (I think it's not barricaded on Mondays). We were seated in the inner outer portion, and even though I'm generally not happy to eat outside, this was fine. It's a constant fashion show too, which is kinda fun and annoying at the same time. Hell Square South indeed.

It's that time of year: Manhattanhenge, so if people aren't crazy enough, I guess it's just one more reason to be.


The view from our table...


Is the Jarmulowsky Bank Building (ca. 1912), which has been undergoing renovations for about forever. It's gorgeous, and allegedly going to be a hotel. Or something. We'll see.

When I'm eating Cervo's take on Spanish/Portuguese food, I like to start with vermut.


Cervo's produces delicious food - it's not photogenic, however.


Soft-shell crab, with asparagus in delicious saucy stuff. 

We also had stuffed piquillo peppers (with rice and clams), fried wild shrimp heads (the same shrimp I'd been buying over the preceding months), and split a lamb burger with fries. Good to be out for dinner. And great to see pretty much the entire staff from pre-lockdown still here. 

COMP DISCLOSURE: Those shrimp heads were a gift from the kitchen. And basically all our wine failed to make it to the bill.  Pointed out to - we're not listening.


** - About that other Canal Street business owner. Clandestino is and has been our local plain old bar since it opened some 15 (?) years ago.  The owners (who are neighbors) sold it early in the pandemic - but fortunately, the buyer had been their main bartender also since it opened. And - has also lives in our coop! The old owner negotiated a new lease before the sale, 18 years. The only sad part, and I think I mentioned this previously, is that the place is not as it once was; it's jammed, at least Thursday thru Saturday nights.  So the sleepy little bar (which was always what the original owners envisioned) is no more. Ain't as bad as 169 Bar - but then, what is?

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Last week, our first meal out in over a month, and wanted to stay in the 'hood; even though the plan was just to go out and have a drink, as we walked by I asked one of the hostesses in they could squeeze us (3 of us) in...they managed.

These are great...


Who knew crispy fried shrimp heads could be so delicious? Much else was consumed/drunk.

COMP DISCLOSURE: At least two plates; the one I remember was clams in vinho verde. 

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I don't know that they are seating at the bar; the bar is actually the counter, and I don't know that they are seating at the counter.  But the high two tops can work for a single.

Yes, everyone is still nice.

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