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ABQ - Mary & Tito's Christmas Chile stacked enchiladas

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WSJ has an article on Mary & Tito's Cafe in Albuquerque, and their "lasagna". Red and green, chopped onions, fried eggs on top of the pile of enchiladas.



On a recent trip, my husband and I stumbled into Mary and Tito’s for breakfast. We ordered stacked enchiladas filled with cheese and onions, topped with a fried egg and smothered with both red and green chiles, side by side—“Christmas-style.” We ate in silence at first, savoring the contrast between the smooth, fruity red chile and the sharper, vegetal green.


Like a Mexican mole sauce in its deep and layered complexity, the red sauce presented new flavors with each bite (snip)Native to northern New Mexico, the stacked enchiladas I ordered at Mary and Tito’s resemble something closer to lasagna than their more common, rolled counterparts. Layers of melted cheddar temper the heat of the chiles; the soft yolk of the fried egg topping each stack oozes out luxuriously to enrich the sauces.



2711 Fourth Street NW



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