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Rail Paul

A2 designer milk

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CBS Sixty Minutes had a piece recently about A2 designer milk. This Australian originated product is real milk, from cows. Unlike most milk, it is produced by cows with a single amino acid difference. This difference, some argue, makes the milk more digestible. Like many discussions at the convergence of science and personal belief, there's a lot of difference about whether this is true.


Many people swear their bloating has been alleviated by A2 milk. Others deplore it as a hoax, a clever marketing gimmick.



Whether you're drinking skim, reduced-fat, whole, organic, reduced-lactose, grass-fed, antibiotic-full or antibiotic-free milk in the U.S., if that milk came from a cow, it is most likely A1 milk, or possibly milk that is a combination of both A1 and A2.

All cow's milk contains beta-casein protein chains. In some cows that protein chain is an A1; in others it's an A2. The two are identical except for one different amino acid at position 67 in the chain of 209 amino acids. At that position the amino acid is histidine in A1. In A2, it is proline.


I bought a half gallon at the Publix today, it is priced at about half the price of conventional (non-organic, store brand) milk.



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How does it taste? Is it sweeter than regular milk?


I'll let you know tomorrow!


The price was $2.49 (US) for a half gallon, and Public Market has a 2 for 1 special this week. The $2.49 is about the price for a house brand milk. Their own organic is about $4.49, and the Organic Valley / Horizon is about $5.49.

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