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Improvising in our Gite....

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We were in Le Clerc today and Melanie notices this special window at the butcher's counter with 30-day aged Charloais beef. Now, normally such a thing is of little interest to me 😉 but I felt an obligation to keep my girl happy so we phoned our banker in Switzerland and surprisingly he OK'd our purchase.


Living in a Gite for the week, we had to make a few adjustments to the cooking process because the "grill" which at one time had four legs, now only boasted one and that one refused to be removed and the remaining refused to be attached, resulting in an awkward cooking surface so we had to improvise by pilfering the grate and using it in the fireplace.


Here are a few photos of our adventure....






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Nice looking steak.


Our dogs would have had to been leashed to be that close to a steak, even if the steak was in the fireplace.


Although when the cattle variety is listed we tend to see Limousin these days, there are many Charolais herds in the US. You can mail-order grass-fed Charolais beef if you can't find it locally.

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Beautiful! I hope you shared with that interested pupper;)

Yep, he gets anything we won't eat.

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I think I was last in a gite circa 1980. Wild trip.

They have come a long way since then!


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