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CoraVin - worth the $300 for a high tech wine tool?

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Bloomberg media has an ad for a CoraVin, which is an argon enabled wine access tool. As I understand the game, the CV pierces the cork of the wine with a thin needle. This allows you to pour, and maintains pressure with inside the bottle with an argon charge. The premise is you can leave wine for weeks, or even years (like that would happen) with no change in the wine.


$300 seems like a lot for the product. The capsule refills are about $8 each. The product is intended for use with natural corks only. Synthetic corks may not close completely. Use with glass etc is not recommended


The ad shows a panorama of age appropriate couples.


It appears that some models of the CV are being offered at half price.




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...wine access tool.


Got lost here. 'To think that they once just used a sword.


Also, aren't some of these wine preservation gadgets somewhat behind current thinking that wine is often better in a day or so, should it stay around that long?

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