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Sexual Harassment in Sports

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The NY Times has an article today about how difficult many companies make the reporting process. In one example, a manager was addressing her team when another exec put his hand over her mouth, and began complimenting another employee's outfit. When the manager went to HR, that rep wouldn't even write down the complaint.


A $30,000 a year HR clerk, or a hundred thousand dollar a year HR vice president is not going to take on a corporate rain maker, senator, or senior exec. And, certainly not a fifteen million dollar a year center fielder or top salesman. When Gloria Allred, etc, comes a'callin', they're happy to break out the check book.



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Florida has very generous laws for litigation arising from auto accidents, slip and fall events, product liability, etc. And generous rules on lawyer advertising. Most television stations are blanketed with ads from law firms ("Get Your Share" and "We Fight for YOU!!!").


So, the newest batch of ads are for sexual and gender based harassment / discrimination. A coach stands over a young woman athlete, and puts his hand on her shoulder. In another ad, a manager type gives a female employee a two handed shoulder rub as she looks uncomfortable. Within a few days most firms will have their version on TV.

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