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Vincisgrassi, a mushroom and prosciutto lasagna

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Sounds a treat. I am reminded of a dinner party some decades ago. A work associate and her husband among the guests. Friday night so I made a meatless but super-loaded with chopped mushroom lasagna. Very substantial and a great hit with everyone but the husband who smiled and ate around it. I apologized later to the wife for disappointing her husband. "Oh, no, he loved it. He just couldn't eat it because he doesn't eat meat on Friday."

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This was the superstar dish out of Fabio Trabocchi's kitchen in the short-lived Stephen Hanson Soho Italian restaurant Fiamma (the multi-level one) around 10 years ago.


Trabocchi did not tweak it to reduce the bechamel. And I think his version had some liver and maybe other offal in it.


It was one of the richest things I've ever eaten.


That's saying a lot.

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Interesting - a pound of wild mushrooms along with the dried porcini. A trick that Marcella taught me many moons ago, and that I still use on occasion today, is that even criminis can substitute for crazily expensive or impossible to find wild mushrooms, if cooked along with a generous amount of high-quality dried porcini.


And Sneak, I remember that restaurant - it's a great building. And I think I ate there on Hanson's dime, some sort of F & F early tasting dinner.

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