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168 Borinquen Place Brooklyna


It's about 2 miles from my house and a favorite of Miss K's.. She gets delivery here, once a week I would say... After our little experiment this summer, Miss K has stuck with the vegan lifestyle.. Maybe twice a month, she will have sushi and maybe twice a month, I will sneak her chicken stock or pork stock in order to make sure she is getting the proper stuff but, for the most part, she is vegan.. I have been vegan, except for a piece of a freshly cracked 4 year aged parm, yesterday, for the last two days.


Anyway, this place has a limited menu.. They offer tacos, burritos, bowls and papusas, all vegan.. In the basement, there is a dance floor and bars and it looks like on a Saturday night, or late night, this is the place to be..Not to mention they close at 4 in the morning almost every night so, something is going on late night. Looks very cool and handmade..


We started with their 7 layer dip with tortilla chips.. The chips crunchy and warm and appear to be fried in house. This was my favorite thing of the evening.. No photos but, it's essentially a creamy bowl of warm stuff, beans and guac and some sour cream looking stuff... It was actually really delicious.. I would have eaten this and if not paying close attention, would not have noticed it as vegan..


Trio of Tacos.. Again, young crowd and all, the happy hour ends at 8 pm.. They have 4 dollar draughts of Lagunitas or Stella and tacos are 4 dollars a piece, as opposed to 5 dollars with a two per order minimum..Cocktails, which MIss A loved, were 14 a piece.


The tacos we ordered were the Chorizo, the Mushroom and the Pastor.. I don't think any of them resembled anything like Chorizo or Pastor but, the mushroom was a mushroom for sure.. It was actually a fried mushroom croqueta. We felt it was the most successful but, yeh, not very




Next up, we ordered burritos.. Miss K loves her burritos.. I have maybe had a bite out of a few burritos in my life.. I hate them, the idea of eating rice in a sandwich is not exciting to me.. The idea of Chipotle, revolts me. Not to mention, I am not a big fan of green peppers and all of the burrito places I encountered have just been these greasy flattops where everything tastes like oil, onions and bell peppers.. But, with not much to order, i went with the chili cheese and Miss K went with the regular one...


It was constructed well and it stayed together.. I took a bite or two and eventually dumped the contents on to a plate.. Ate the rice and mixed stuff.. Drowned in their hot sauce, it was ok... Again, have nothing to really compare it to.. Miss K was upset I wasn't raving about it as she loves it so much.. I said, i would go back as you love it and I like it but, it's not like it's terrible and the joy you derive from it is more than enough to get me back here.. But, yeh, I am getting more pleasure out of eating my flavorless instant oatmeal than I would eating one of those tacos again..




In short, get the dip and stay for the dance party. The couple next to us were raving over their mushroom quesadilla so maybe get that too... Cocktails did seem interesting.

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I'll probably be vegan briefly over the holidays, if there's any of that stuffed tofurkey left over.


I was just on a run lately.. It was time to throw on the breaks when I ate a bacon double cheeseburger recently before a multicourse dinner.. I was like, ok, i need at least a week off until xmas and then maybe another little break for the month of jan..

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