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Basque influenced chili pot

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I was thinking about making something for a get together for New Years Eve. Maybe a Basque influenced chili pot. Served with small rolls


Lamb, Spanish chorizo,onions, peppers, pimenton / smoked paprika, olives, bacon, RG pink beans, almonds, parsley, garlic, chili, cumin, Cognac for starters. Maybe some tomato paste and chicken stock. End up with a soupy consistency.


Thoughts or suggestions?

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Thanks for the suggestions.


First effort is in the Instant Pot, brightening up the day.


It's cold and drizzly right now, temp in the 60s Fog has lifted.


I miss not having a wood burning fireplace anymore. This would be an ideal day for same.

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I'll trade you your drizzle & 60 degree weather for our snow & 18 degree weather in NJ ;)


We are in the midst of an almost 2 week span where the weather hasn't even gone near the freezing temps of 32 degrees.


That chili pot does sound real good though. Perfect for this type of weather.

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