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Rail Paul

Organic Milk - topped out already?

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The Wall Street Journal has an article today about the decline in organic milk sales during 2017. After years of steady growth, sales topped off during 2017, and began to decline. Wholesale prices have dropped, and some milk is being sold as cheese or dried powder, while other milk is being sold as conventional.


The culprits appear to be a shifting consumer focus to lactose, as lactose free milk is growing, and milk alternatives like soy, almond, etc which are dairy free.


Here in Florida, Organic Valley milk has dropped about a $ per half gallon and is priced comparably with the store organic brands. About a $ over conventional brands. Florida has had several recent exposes of dairy farm cruelty that has shut down four large conventional producers. My dairy manager at Publix mentioned that some of their conventional milk comes from organic farmers in Florida now.


The longer range question is whether the more expensive organic process will survive this customer shift.



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