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I just got some non-heating Dyson air purifiers, since the price went down. They are like insanely good -- and make a real difference.


They don't look like an army of air purifiers. They look like an army of robots.

Since my full-size Dyson (non-heating) air purifiers have been such raging successes in various parts of my apartment, I got a desktop one for my kitchen.


Remember, my kitchen can't have external venting.


I'm curious to see if this will work. Certainly, the purifiers I have in rooms adjoining my kitchen go absolutely apeshit every time I cook something uncovered on the stovetop. Will the kitchen purifier cut down on the smoke and grease?


So far since installation, I've only cooked in covered pans. I can't wait to see what happens when I do some real cooking.


(BTW, the filters in my existing units all lasted almost exactly one year. Dyson offers a new upgraded filter now, developed for the Chinese market, where people are really maniacs about air filtration [as they need to be].)

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Maybe a deep fried turkey? That would test your air purifier, and likely your smoke detector.


Ten gallons of peanut oil, small garbage can sized cooker, propane flame around the base. What could go wrong in Sneak's apartment?


(Florida, Georgia, Alabama, hospital emergency rooms are filled with examples of what could go wrong. People drop a wet turkey into the oil, frozen turkey is a problem, etc.)

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I did my first actual cooking (as opposed to reheating) with my new kitchen air purifier. I made some venison chops on stovetop in a cast iron skillet.


This might not have been a real test of the purifier: the chops were thin, and so weren't on the stovetop for long. OTOH, for the first couple minutes (out of a total of three and a half or so), the fire was as high as my admittedly pathetic stove could make it.


There was no detectable smoke in the kitchen.


I'll report back when I try something more challenging.

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I got a second air purifier, so I now have one in the bedroom and one in the living/dining area.


This time, I bought one recommended by Wirecutter, the Winix (their top rated model was not in stock when I was ready to purchase, so I moved on).


I, too, can't vent to the outside, but I'm curious to see how my new range hood, with charcoal filters, will do. If I can ever get rid of my contractors.

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As I have probably mentioned: we cannot, and do not technically vent our hood to the outside. But I installed an exhaust fan in the top of the kitchen window that does a decent job. During the recent cold weather we kept it on, low, to 1) stop cold air from coming in, and 2) draw air through the apartment since the windows were all closed (but of course, some leak).

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