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No, I've not been, and never will go.


But I thought this review, in GQ, was pretty funny.


A few gems:


The only good news about the $24 Saz-arak, a Sazerac with Arak, is that so little of it is poured, no more than a quarter inch in a cut glass tumbler, the drink is gone before one can be overpowered by the strongly-flavored liquor.


One visits Salt Bae like one kisses the Torah as it passes...


In a world where nebulous social media influencers get paid thousands of dollars for a post, is it really absurd to pay a mere $500 for Salt Bae to slip into our feed? No, it is human. And humans are idiots.


Once, restaurants were famous for their food and chefs were celebrities because they were good at cooking (and maybe good-looking). To restaurants we went to be nourished and amazed by what came out of the kitchen and into our mouths. Maybe we got a glimpse of the famous chef in the kitchen, or passing through the dining room to pay a visit to his regulars.



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I have been following this on Eater for awhile, much like you might stare at a highway accident. They ran about 5 stories about him long before his Manhattan restaurant. Over the last 2 days Cuozzo and Sietsema have ripped the NY restaurant. They said terrible things but I'm sure the place is actually worse than the mini reviews.


Billy Idol wants his sneer back.





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W.T.F. I'd heard of this character, but I didn't really think it was a real thing. I can't tell if he's in on the joke or not. I have a vague hope that he sheds his character and laughs his ass off at the absurdity. But maybe he's really just another self-important douche. Occam's Razor predicts the latter.

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That image bears an uncomfortable resemblance to Scarface: now there was no chance in hell of my patronizing this dining establishment, but what about this picture would make anyone want to shell out their bucks to this disagreeable looking character.

That said,there seem to be a lot of people in this country who like being conned these days....

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I can't believe they don't serve tap water. Is that even legal?

Must be. Restaurants here tried to get brownie points by not serving tap water during a water shortage some years ago. I threatened to take a glass to the restroom and fill it up, but I probably didn't.

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The restaurant world gets dumber every day....

For the last ten or so years, I've been going on about the ill effects of the "massification" of food culture.

I've long believed that proper restaurants should serve only diners over thirty who can complete a basic food knowledge test and who have eaten overseas at least once.

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