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Billy Graham

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as racist, homophobic, anti-semites go dude was definitely in the big leagues. anti muslim, too

Nathan, I understand that you believe you are in the best position to define and explain racism to me, because your people invented it and you feel it’s proprietary. I can assure you as a person of co

Here is another take, also from the Guardian. link

A Guardian opinion columnist has unflattering things to say about a theologically orthodox Christian? What a surprise.


What a preacher, this Mr Billy Graham.




admin post: deleted religious content.

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This is clearly a political statement:


Billy Graham stood fast against the very laws that would give Black citizens civil and human rights in this country. That sir, is the very definition of racism. Graham’s suggestion that Black people should beg or ask politely not to lynched in the streets, rather than insisting on the same legal protections other citizens have, is racism.

Still ridiculous to excise a sermon in Billy Graham's thread, though.

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