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tickets and prices

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Nothing, and I mean nothing, is overrated by liberal cosmopolitan Americans like riding on yurpeen trains.

Because we re not hypocrites?


And really, after riding the "trains" here, why would not overrate the trains almost anywhere else.


Our train trip from London to Paris was great, just because seeing the speed of that damn thing on the overhead monitor forced me to take an extra xanax.

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I'm late to the game here, but Skyscanner for international flights.


I bought my London to Edinburgh train ticket for 45 pounds, as an Advance ticket. If you have the luxury of buying a month out, I've gotten (Is gotten a word? it seems wrong, but also right) great deals.

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When I bought my one ticket Tulsa to Pensacola I originally checked coach fares, then out of curiosity I decided to see how much for First Class on Delta.  $270.  I grabbed it and have not looked back nor questioned it.  Last time was $800.  My lucky day.  One way because I am driving a car back via New Orleans and Shreveport with a lunch in Paris, TX thrown in for good measure.  I had checked the fare 2 months ago and i was quoted $590.  I am going to enjoy my lunches.  

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