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My Dad has a Lenovo running Windows 10. It's about 5 years old. It has a 1TB hard drive, but only about 150gb on it.

I think the chip is an i5 with 3.4 ghz and 6 gb RAM.


It's running incredibly slow. I've run and AVG virus check and it's clean. I did the disc utilities. No help. It's fully updated.

Other than installing more RAM, is there anything else I should check? Should I try a separate anti-malware program?

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RAM would be my guess. I have a similar machine somewhere but with 16gb and it works fine.


Look in the task manager and you can see what memory consumption looks like, and also if something is going wild with cpu or disk access. Malware isn't an obvious issue here.

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I love sturdy Lenovos (mine have been dropped on stone floors; and worked on in snowy winters and on searing beaches; and baptized by water, wine, and cocktails) but they can come with much crapware.


I've always found programs to uninstall, and programs to disable, in the startup tab of Task Manager.

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