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Anthony Bourdain

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Just this morning (~14 hours ago in Vietnam), I came downstairs in the hotel to find my 20-year old motorbike guide watching the video of Obama eating bún cha with Tony in Hanoi. He couldnt have been

at 61

My first Tony story happened just after the first season of his first tv show aired. He was friends with my cousin, and had just reviewed Mikes memoir (which had otherwise gone unnoticed) on Amazon.

I remember (still on eGullet) thanking him for the sensitivity with which he filmed No Reservations in Beirut in 2006, and more recently was heartened to read his defence of Argento. He brought so much good into the world. This is such sad news.

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This one felt like a punch in the gut. He could be biting, but always spoke his truth. And I always thought he came across as sensitive and caring, and maybe also sad and alone (that Borneo episode made me weep a little for him). My heart breaks for his family and friends, and for him, as well.

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