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College Football 2018-2019

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I just watched an episode of "Training Days: Rolling with the Tide". Thought it was really good.

I can see how Tuscaloosa is more convenient to Reno than Seattle would be.

I would love to meet him. Most, if not just about all, coaches understand that, while raw physical ability is a prerequisite for athletic success, it is (by far) not the whole package. There are few

What has become of college football?

I remember the days of players like Billy Cannon and Jim Swink.  They may have had some issues, but did anyone ever say they had been paid to play?  Now, the coaching staffs (not just the head coach) of some teams are paid exorbitant sums, even more than NFL coaches.    Maybe they are good.  But somehow they manage to recruit incredible players from all over the nation.  How do they do this?  And when there is an injury, they manage to get a player to transfer from another school.  How does this happen?

I recall when different teams were in the top 10, not just the same 10-15 teams.  I recall when different teams won the national championship, not just the same 2 or 3 teams.  How can this be?

If we want to allow colleges to field professional teams, why don't we come out and admit it?  Yes, periodically some team is sanctioned for violations, but it is rare that the top teams are.  How can this be?

Something is rotten in the NCAA.  College football has been corrupted.  Where is our Kenesaw Mountain Landis?

Kenesaw Mountain Landis
220px-Kenesaw_Mountain_Landis_%28ca._192   1st Commissioner of Baseball In office
November 12, 1920 – November 25, 1944 Preceded by Office established Succeeded by Happy Chandler Judge of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois In office
March 18, 1905 – February 28, 1922 Appointed by Theodore Roosevelt Preceded by Christian Cecil Kohlsaat Succeeded by James Herbert Wilkerson Personal details Born November 20, 1866
MillvilleOhio, U.S. Died November 25, 1944 (aged 78)
ChicagoIllinois, U.S. Resting place Oak Woods Cemetery, Chicago. Spouse(s) Winifred Reed (1895–1944, survived as widow) Relations Charles Beary Landis (brother) 
Frederick Landis (brother) Children 3, including Reed Alma mater Union College of Law Signature 128px-Kenesaw_Mountain_Landis_Signature. Nickname(s) "The Judge", "The Squire" Baseball career Member of the National 15px-Empty_Star.svg.png 15px-Empty_Star.svg.png 15px-Empty_Star.svg.png Baseball Hall of Fame 15px-Empty_Star.svg.png 15px-Empty_Star.svg.png 15px-Empty_Star.svg.png Induction 1944 Election Method Old Timers’ Committee  
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I think you'll find somewhat remarkably that college sports, white still heinously corrupt, are no more corrupt than they ever were. Billy Cannon was almost certainly paid to play for example.


Additionally I'd surmise the quality at the top had always been this concentrated, is just that the playoff reduces the number of games worth watching.


Of course ironically I think we would have gotten ma Clemson Oklahoma Orange bowl and an Alabama ND sugar bowl under the old system and now we'd be left with a right over who was better. Not sure that was an improvement.


Right now Clemson and Bama feel inevitable but at some point Saban retires, and maybe Uga recruiting makes life hard for Clemson. It'll end.

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Last night was the first time I saw the Nick Saban python not work. He tried to put the game to sleep up 28-0 and couldn't get it done.


Ironically I think he actually miscalculated. It's like the better team in basketball slowing the game down. He should have pushed pace knowing it would eventually create turnovers and they would cash in all of those. I mean the game was never in doubt and they would have covered if they wanted to but still.


I think that's the first time I've ever seen Saban get a strategy like that wrong. Kyler Murray was incredible.


Kudos to the morons who moved the ND line from 13 to 11 and then got smoked.

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i have found the kyler murray saga endlessly fascinating and is only going to get more fascinating.


the problem right now is that the playoff is too small. eight teams solves every problem and more than doubles the number of worthwhile games (and creates more worthwhile games than the old system).

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I want the regular season the mean something.



This is the worst cfb take.


An eight team playoff for the power five champs plus three at large teams increases the value of the regular season and preserves the integrity of the conference championships and gives seven meaningful post season games with a legitimate champion.

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Except it doesn't really. It makes the marginal championships matter, but a game between two top five teams the loser gets in regardless.



Or out another way when was the last time the fifth team had a legit argument for being #1.



Ohio State.


There just aren’t sufficient nodes of contact between conferences to determine whether a two loss pac 12 champion is really better or worse than a one loss big 12 champ.


In a counter factual world where Georgia beats Bama in the SEC title game, it turns out that the big 12 and big 10 regular seasons where meaningless (in addition to the PAC 12 and non-power regular seasons) and the championship games would have been meaningless.


No championship system other than a multi-game round robin is designed or capable of identifying the best team (talk to the 2007 pats). The goal is to set up a system that makes for the most meaningful games regular season and playoff and identifies a legitimate champion. An eight team playoff based on a conference championship mode does that.

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Well, obviously not the outcome we wanted. This one was really tough though. Lots of tears from the players, their families and staff. Not because we lost. But because this was a really special group...especially the Seniors (and some Juniors who will declare for the draft, barring a miracle). And they feel like they didn’t ‘finish’. Going to be a very quiet flight back to Tuscaloosa in the morning :-(


Kudos to Dabo and Clemson. They are a class program. They kicked our butts soundly. I hope we see them in NOLA next year.

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