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I bought a RoccBox. Now what?

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My wife and I decided to buy a RoccBox. It is a nifty little propane or wood fired tabletop pizza oven. They claim it can hit 500 Celcius. You can read about it at


So what should I cook in this thing? Pizza obviously! I am also planning on roasting chantrelle mushrooms, padron peppers, maybe fish? Any other thoughts out there?





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Yes, about 12x12 worth of usable space... enough for a 10" cast iron pan. And yes, it is for outdoor use only.




Do you use this indoors or do you have an outdoor area?

By the way, I answered my own stupid question.


But I have another - interior dimensions, which I am finding hard to see on their website.


There are no stupid questions... just inquisitive idiots. :P

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