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Wojnarowicz "History Keeps Me Awake at Night" - Whitney

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I don't know how much bigger a retrospective this is than the 1999 "Fever" at the New Museum, but bigger I am sure it is.


My family is amused by how long my t-shirt from that '99 show lasted. I am seen in many locations in photos from the following years, sporting the burning house shirt.


Anyone who cares already knows the Rimbaud in New York series and "One Day This Kid," which is a masterpiece of conceptual and political art, I might want to say William Blake at this point. His eulogies to Peter Hujar have been shown a number of times recently.


Beyond that, the Whitney gives much space to the big, dramatic, allegorical paintings, and they're looking better and better. They are timely.


Leaving, we stopped by the store, and my daughter - remembering the t-shirt she grew up seeing me wearing - made me buy some pins, you know you want to, and it made me tearful.


As what doesn't these days?

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