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Recommended countertiop convection ovens

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So you’re telling me I need to find another one before my current one croaks. It’s not showing any negative signs. But everything in my my house seems to have slowly begun a death march. Something dies at least once a month 😡😖

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The Combi is only faster on steam.

I think I'm just gonna trust that, by the time my beloved Cuisinart Combi dies, Breville or somebody will be offering some kind of countertop oven that, even if not combi, will be so awesome that I'll be happy to get it as a replacement for my beloved Cuisinart Combi (and I really cannot overstate how much I love my beloved Cuisinart).

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Maybe your old slow cooker was ceramic? But the IP does so much more - if you're a fan of hard-boiled eggs, for instance, it rocks.

Rice? It rocks. Beans? It rocks? Etc.


Back to the CSO - Breville makes a great product sans steam, so no worries there.


But there must be a reason (like the combo of water, steam, and electricity perhaps?) which causes great consternation amongst manufacturers of countertop appliances.  We're lucky that NYC water isn't full of stuff, so basically the units never need descaling - that's another thing which may be a strike against their widespread development?  Just guessing here.

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