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One of the most famous fried chicken places in America, so I guess that means the world... Recipient of countless awards and praise.. From James Beard to Calvin Trillin, Stroud's is a place of legend. 


It's a great story, a story of America.. Started out as a BBQ and Beer place after Prohibition some time in the early 30's.. During the war, meat was rationed and they started frying chicken,,, In keeping with America, the original owner sold in the 70's and the next guy took it to the next level.. 


It's a simple fried chicken.. I was told by the staff, who, after hearing I was from New York, all came out to talk to me..  The staff told me there is no brine and not much fussing.. The chicken goes from the water it comes in to flour and to the fryer.. The fryer, well is not much of a fryer.. While they call it pan fried, it is pretty much submerged in oil that is in a pan.. The oil is 80/20 beef fat being the 80 and one would guess peanut or canola to be the 20... The seasoning is salt and pepper... 



I ordered a lot.. 



Started with fried chicken livers and gizzards:


As if it's not enough, these psychopaths serve it with a side of gravy:  It's udderlessly delicious.. as much as I love chicken livers, dare I say I prefer a good gizzard to a liver. the pepper is really prevalent in the seasoning.. if you see that little red cap spice mix, it makes everything better.. it's garlic powder or onion powder or both and some other things.  the gravy is just overkill 





Bathing suit season is just a short 250 days away:



Here is the chicken we ordered.. I must say, i was not impressed with the chicken.. The dark meat was scrawny and small and while I enjoyed the coating and certainly a lot more with the spice rub they provide, the meat itself was kind of bland.. Especially compared to the juicy and large breast...I am thinking we are in God's country and white meat is the choice of most people.. So, if you come here and when I come back, i am going to get all breast. 



Chicken fingers:  Some seasoning, very juicy, delicious chicken fingers:



A new item is their hot chicken.. I had to try it, it was just ok on the seasoning but, the breast is fantastic.. the meat is so juicy, the breast was cooked perfectly... This was my favorite piece of chicken in terms of quality but, the hot sauce was just ok...  But, but the crust on that breast, it's a winner. 





And since we are frying in beef fat, the fries are really delicious.. While the french fries are a winner, so are those chips in the back right.. They are crispy and like the perfect southern or midwestern version of those Portuguese Potatoes one gets out east.. 


I am also waiting for someone to serve cheese fries and gravy... Someone might die if that happens. 




And the kicker, these super fried and buttery cinnamon donut/biscuit/roll thing.. While people say chicken and waffles is a great combo, this is better.. It's ridiculous and really only allowed me to have one burger at my next step just 20 minutes later.. 


America, f$ck yeah!!!!


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