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our favourite twin cities "fine dining" restaurant, piccolo, closed last march. a successor restaurant, tenant opened in the same space about a month later. the chefs were from doug flicker's crew at piccolo but the format of the restaurant--now an even smaller space, about 22-24 covers--is different. there's one fixed six course menu with/without a very reasonably priced wine pairing ($25). the small scale and certainty about reservations (held with a credit card) means they can do what they want without the cost of wastage. we were in england when they opened and when we got back it wasn't easy to get in. we finally made reservations earlier this year but a series of misadventures kept causing us to cancel. finally got there earlier this month for what turned out to be an excellent meal. herewith my report.



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Ate here at the counter on short notice last night. Had a great meal and I did get the wine pairings but those didn't do a whole lot for me (they were OK but not great).


I really like the format and the meal seemed to be decent value. My favorite course was probably the house aged ribeye withe fennel and whipped potatoes. But there was a lot to like in the other courses as well.


And they were spinning some really good albums.

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glad you enjoyed it. how different was the menu from this one in early november? i think it turns over every 6-8 weeks but i'm curious.

Course 1 was mushrooms and a little shallot topped with a mushroom broth on top. Same Ceasar underneath.

Course 2 was very similar other than a salsa verde under the salmon/potato cake and no shishitos.

Course 3 was the same.

Course 4 was house-made bread under thinly sliced ribeye they age in house with some potatoes whipped with horseradish and some fennel.

Course 5 was the same.

Pre-Dessert was the same.

Dessert was the same.

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