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Arby's - not just for roast beast

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In the SEC (Southeastern Conference for you non collegiate sports fans), the comment when your team loses is: "eat at Arby's" (because that' s all you deserve). Even though I am sure I could try one, I refuse because a) how could it go anything but wrong b) so far, my team is undefeated (see earlier comment).

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Not the song on your average gumps mind these days.



Well, until I can figure how t o get the video I took Saturday to post here, this one (which is better than mine anyway) will have to do.




A little backstory--the song had not been allowed to be played in our stadium since the 2014 Alabama-Auburn game. It was a 4th Q tradition until then. Our student section added their own additional lyrics in a couple of breaks between vocals (some clean--and some not so much--f*ck Auburn; and LSU and Tennessee too). It actually cost us a recruit whose Mom was offended by the profanity. The students and players have begged for it to return ever since. So, as long as they can keep the song clean (which for the most part they did) it will be allowed. But, I figure it will be banished again on November 24th when Auburn comes to Tuscaloosa  :ph43r:  :o  :P ).


I have to say, the atmosphere was definitely lit for a home game against a less than stellar opponent. It was on a par with those when we are beating a big time opponent/rival. 

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