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Old Man Shaking Fist at Cloud

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One thing that's happened over the last 10 years or so is the decline of restaurants' offering coat-checking.  We had debates about this here a long time ago.  Me, I like being able to check my things

Adrian, it’s easier than opening a bank account.   I think once it’s accepted that we’re only talking about people so far off the grid that they can’t even get an over the counter debit card the as

No charge if you're someone like you.   Do you think someone could come in with no income, no assets, maybe not even a street address, and get an account with a free debit card?  What would there be

Baristas always seem grateful for quarters, even after the nuisance of counting them.


I don't have much other use for them except when I go back in time to do my laundry and invest in Apple and Amazon.

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In Santa Cruz the only option is to pay by phone or buy a card in a city office that's only open on 2/29.  (something I remember as we once arrived there with two dead phone batteries following a long hike)

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