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Think I got this figured out.


If Missy Robbins was cooking at Frenchette, then everyone would be eating at Misi - correct?

You're Mising one important point. If Robbins were cooking at Frenchette nobody would ever be able to get in.

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I ate at A Voce when she was there. I had charred broccoli and some kind of filled pasta. It was only pretty good, and not worth the money or the dehydration (salt! more salt! even more salt!).


My problem with Robbins's food is that she overdoes things. Too much spice and flavoring elements (salt, pepper, whatever). Too much butter. (If I'm complaining about too much butter, you'd best believe it's really too much.)  Italian food is supposed to be perfect in its simplicity.
Right. The food was too loud.
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Weird that no secondi except for the occasional special (but great for the margins I’m sure).


Beverage program is mediocre.


Service was good.  Grilled runner beans were very good.  Baby artichokes were meh.  Fettuccine cacio e pepe (not labeled as such) was solid.  Corzetti with sungolds were very good (is anything ever bad with sungolds?)


Crowd was unobjectionable.  The place is....fine.

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