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Bernie's Restaurant

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332 Driggs


What can I say, I love this place.. It's very nostalgic.. It reminds me of the Regal Beagle or some like 80's restaurant I would go out to dinner, when I was with my parents..  It's just missing a pac man game and maybe some peanut shells on the floor.. Ground Round, Charlies Uncle, old school Bennigan's type feel. .


The menu is as classic as the decor..  Staff was friendly and welcoming.. 


We had a cocktail, a bottle of wine, a baked clams, a wedge salad, chicken parm and a side of green beans.. I could have had this same meal, minus the alcohol on any Sunday night growing up..  The total was 130 bucks, the same meal in jersey would have been 80


Baked clams were a little sweet for my liking.. They use a sweeter house made bread to make the bread crumbs.. It was distracting, miss A liked them better.. But, they were cooked perfectly. 





We had a wedge: 




they added their twist.. the sauce was very buttermilk like, with some blue cheese and chives and sweet tomatoes.. The blue cheese was scarce and the buttermilk/mayo was flowing.. very little black pepper as well.. It was delicious and more balanced than usual.. i really enjoyed this. 


Next up was the chicken parm.. It's a beautiful thing.. Every sunday night they serve this.  I was taken a back by this plate.. It,  in my opinion, is the best chicken parm that I have tried.. In reality, it would be a very good New Jersey but, by Brooklyn Standards, this is the freaking gold standard.   


There was a slight problem with our chicken in that it was served in like a puddle of water for some reason and the steam made the crust slight mushy but, there were still some crunchy bits around the edges.. but, yeh, it seemed like a rare occurrence..   but sauce, cheese, chicken, it all added up... Shocked in how undisappointed I was, i told the bartender that this tastes like a NJ Chicken Parm and he replied, our chef is from NJ so, that will mean a lot to them.  Ah ha, see, i didn't know they brought in a ringer.. 









They have a really nice looking vingegar chicken and a handsome looking cheeseburger I will be back for.. But, yeh, from decor to staff and the food, we were really pleased.. 

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Went back last night for the vinegar chicken.. It was fairly crowded, we waited for like 40 minutes.. We had an issue with the chicken, it arrived cold, like below room temp... I think they either smoke it or sous vide it.. And even after returning the dish, they made us another one and it didn't arrive much warmer, definitely not hot.. The sauce is like a balsamic buttery and rosemary.. Not as good as the parm for sure.. The caesar salad was delicious, we also ordered the onion rings.. They were nicely done though, cold by the time the new chicken arrived..   


The burger looks great, still love the room and the staff... I am just going to pass on the vinegar chicken  

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I have been back a couple of more times.. Got to try the burger... Last night, they had a chicken parm sandwich.. Which essentially the chicken parm with a bun attached.. 


Chicken parm, mozzarella sticks and two hi lifes, 30 bucks .





mozarella sticks: 


We ate all the cheese: 



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Went back last night for the chicken parm. The city was dead last night. Are the chicken parm, they nailed it. No more soupy water on the bottom. They also are using less sweat bread for the clams and salad croutons. Dinner last night was noticeably better. Room and staff remain awesome.


Sat next to brewers from Bunker and hung with those guys. Beer week is in town

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