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Trillium Brewery Controversy

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Big news in the beer world about Trillium, one of the most famed breweries in the US.


A former employee made accusations around labor practices that turn out to be true. 






I can say that everything posted about employee wages and benefits being cut is true. JC and Esther have absolutely no respect for the people working for them, all they care about is $$$. Guess you can’t really blame them, it is a business after all. They are well aware of the fact that people want the “prestige” of working for a top brewery and are willing to be underpaid to build the resume. You can probably count on one hand the number of people who have lasted more than 3 years. Trillium started paying $5/hr instead of $8/hr to new retail staff right around the time the greenway first opened, so this isn’t just because of the restaurant. However, any longstanding employees of the Congress st location were indeed given a pay cut for their years of service.

Let me say that again, after working for trillium for 3+ years, employees were (after interviewing for the jobs they already had) offered $3/hr less to work the exact same job across the street. That may not sound like a lot, but that is a 37.5% cut that would be ~$6000 a year for full time staff. At the end of the day, this is not illegal, it’s just shitty.


Given how expensive Trillium's beer is, they should be paying their retail employees appropriately and not with this tip model. 


Trillium's response was IMO incredibly lame, basically blaming the industry. They should be taking the lead here. Lawson's sets a good example.




Compare that to the likes of Vermont’s Lawson’s Finest Liquids, which states its policy is to employ a “no-tip” model by “offering our full-time employees generous living wages with benefits,” while simultaneously donating all tips to charity.






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another interesting aspect of that story is the trillium guy confirmed that they changed their yeast and gave credence to the “their beer isn’t what it used to be” gripes that you see all over the web and confirmed some of what the ex employees said about selling beer they know to be substandard.


the labor practices are bad enough that I don’t think I’d buy their beer now anyways.

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the “the beer isn’t as good as before” trope always come up when things get popular, I’ve never seen an owner confirm it’s true much less explain why.


the former employees in that ba thread seem completely credible to me.


I wonder if they’ll loose their status as one of the few breweries that distributes a very small portion of their beer.

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