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hong kong, december 2018

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i've posted quite a few more hong kong reports since starting this thread (i've now been in delhi for a week after 5 days in bombay).



more roadside fruit and veg.


wonton-noodle soup at tsim chai kee and mak's noodle.


non-food street pics from central and kowloon.


dim sum at maxim's palace, city hall, one of the few remaining gigantic cart dim sum banquet halls.


beef tendon and noodles in curry at kau kee.


congee at law fu kee: comes with bonus 1500 words on discourses of international food travel and authenticity.

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chôm chôm: hipster vietnamese in soho. a rather nice meal.

The food looks good!


The first heard the term chôm chôm last May in Ha Giang. My guide (Tiger) and I bought some wild rambutan from a lone Hmong woman selling them on the side of the road near Yen Minh, and it’s one of the few Vietnamese words that stuck with me

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65 peel in soho is another hipster'ish place. they're primarily a beer bar, featuring a lot of local brews. the beer is decent, but it's the food i really liked--enough to go back a second time in one week. that food could be described as fusion but it's of a different order than fusion in the u.s.

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