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Katie Loeb

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One of the early proponents of the Craft of Cocktails has passed on.  I have fond memories of communicating with her in the early days of posting about foods.   This is the most current information I can post but a dear friend has posted about her death.  https://www.phillymag.com/foobooz/2018/12/03/katie-loeb-cocktails-hospice-philadelphia/  

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I met Katie (virtually) in the early days of eGullet when she was the moderator of the Philly/Pennsylvania board (along with the late Holly Moore). At the time, she was the beverage director for Neil Stein’s mini-empire. I remember going to a dinner around that time hosted at Susanna Fu for a German winemaker, and I offered to translate his marketing materials. I asked Katie for help with descriptors, and her input was really invaluable.


Her first bartending gig was, I believe, at Chick’s in Bella Vista. Given that the restaurant was a block from my house, I sat at her bar several nights a week. She was updating what were then relatively unknown standards from olden days: Aviation, Corpse Reviver, etc. – stuff that’s now just old again. She made her own syrups and infusions. She told me about going to New Orleans for a competition (this must have been an early iteration of the Tales of the Cocktail) and how her luggage got lost, forcing her to remake her additives on site. She nevertheless returned with an award.


She later moved on to the Sansom Street Oyster House, and I drank at her bar there, too. I continued to pop in after moving to Italy in 2008. It was a bigger gig, but I kinda think she missed the low-key intimacy at Chick’s.


She was really a big presence on the eG Philly board, and I’m sure her enthusiasm inspired a lot of people to report on local restaurants, food stores, bars, and the like. She’ll be missed.

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