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Tomorrow after lunch rush.    Nice infograph about our sandwiches in an Israeli publication.  

Guess who came to dinner?

how much will you be paying wilfrid to not post pictures of your sandwiches on instagram?

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Chef Y comes across as a very gentle spirit ... and you can feel his soft, slightly shy, kindness ... and humility ... throughout ... and his wife seems similar ... but within said chef there’s clearly a fire, a desire that burns to achieve for one does not achieve without ... but this (seemingly) young and surely sweet chef knows how to control fire, whether the one within or the one with which he cooks as the delicately char roasted pine nuts, gingko nuts, various shrooms etc will attest to ... and he’s pretty decent with rice too ... yes yummy ... yada yada yada ... Yama Yama Yama... the why is recommended ... and M is a MAJOR dignified zen-like force to be reckoned with, any which way you (or he wants to) cut it ... Namba is a powerful presence who delivers nonstop presents, the kinds of which you always want to receive, and then there’s Aria*, make that Arai ... who is truly a screamer** for his shari and a bit of a jokester but that does not mean in the slightest that his food is not ultra-serious ... there’s always more to tell ... but now it’s time to pour the yogurt and to finally start packing ... the Princess has landed and the Peninsula awaits

* eta That was a true error


** but that's a story for another day

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Nostradamus saw it coming.



eta: to wit


A fox will be elected without speaking one word,

appearing saintly in public living on barley bread,

afterwards he will suddenly become a tyrant

putting his foot on the throats of the greatest men

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