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Tomorrow after lunch rush.    Nice infograph about our sandwiches in an Israeli publication.  

Guess who came to dinner?

how much will you be paying wilfrid to not post pictures of your sandwiches on instagram?

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GIven the tone of my previous communications with Eater I have to say they took the high road.

Wow, so there is hope for us to be unblacklisted too!! Maybe we will show up on next years top 20 bars in Clinton Hill list. 😂

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No more hare this year, and likely not for another 2-3 years.


The situation in Europe is much worse than previously thought, with new variants of Myxomatosis and other viral diseases decimating the populations of both hare and rabbit and making ineffective repopulation programs already in place. While the UK is relatively unaffected, the increased pressure from other markets means the hunt can't be seen as sustainable any way you look at it. On top of this, Tularemia is also becoming a non-fictional risk, with about 100 human cases in Spain and infected animals found all over the place.

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Ignorance is no excuse! But I’d been encouraged by word of mouth, and hadn’t checked more than the address.


Lucky for me, you’re right across the street from my beloved X’ian, which had kept me happy during my later Union Square years, and also today.

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No, we were just told we need to display them with sales tax not included because you need to file something to include tax, and even then, say lawyers, we'd need to add the "tax included" line everywhere we display prices.


I think we'll need to raise them at some point this year (certainly if cheese and olive oil suddenly double in price), but for now they're the same.



The rabbit on the menu right now is exceptional, we get it from a farm upstate that also get us our goat - have you ever seen Boer Goat? as good as it looks.



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