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Tomorrow after lunch rush.    Nice infograph about our sandwiches in an Israeli publication.  

Guess who came to dinner?

how much will you be paying wilfrid to not post pictures of your sandwiches on instagram?

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This weekend marks Foxface's one year anniversary (we served some sandwiches in late December and January, but only started opening on a regular basis Feb 1). We're going to try and do an all-wild theme with wild snapping turtle, boar, elk, and we'll see what else, Fri-Sun.

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I left Chowhound after a mod deleted my post about me buying Chinatown turtles, and about how I'd cleansed them for up to a week in my tub before cleaning and cooking them. It was deleted because I said I'd named the turtles Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld.


Disclaimer: this is not a photo of me and those turtles. I seem to have lost that project's documentation.




Second disclaimer: The turtles I cooked were not my pet turtles Esmeralda and Himmler. Those were different turtles.



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And after spending about a century alternating between trying to eat every last turtle and then being surprised that they're all gone, and surprised again when a decade later they become a huge pest, many states now have good population management programs... even Louisiana has scaled back its previous free for all approach and is running re-population programs for some species.

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