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I haven't seen the Niners yet this year, but it would be fun if they have a good team.


Remember two weeks ago when they said Dak Prescott wouldn't sign a contract because he was going to ride out this great year and sign the most expensive contract in league history?  Ha.


Let's go Jets.

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I see the National Felon League (NFL) is at it again. At least Kraft is smart enough to never have played in this ridiculous exhibition.   Isn't it time to do away with this so called "sport" that

But how does this square up with the sport of kings, where - well, you know what happens?

I understand what you're saying, Rich.   And now that the dangers of CTE are pretty well known, don't you think it's up to individuals, and certainly parents of individuals who are too young to make

8-0.  They sure didn't look like world beaters last night, but coming just 4 days after scoring 51 points, their offense looked okay.


They also might just have the defensive player of the year in a rookie.  Second half won't be as easy, with Green Bay, New Orleans, Rams and 2 games against Seattle.  Nice scheduling by the NFL.  

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You forgot tennis.  Why, just the other day one of my opponents (I was playing doubles) blasted a ball that hit me square in the chest.  Oh, the brutality.

As I've mentioned to Rich (sooo many times), his argument about football would be oh so much more popular if humans weren't busily shooting guns, rockets and bombs (& deadly gas) at each other all around the world.

Ahh, the things we choose to make a stand on.  Repeatedly.   :blink:

Mostly, its the context of the things we argue that help them fall on deaf ears, not the overall logic of the positions taken.

(feeling philosophical today - and preparing for our dinner with Rich and Peg this evening  :blush: )

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8 - 1.  Depressing - because the Niners had chances to win, but what a great football game.


I think part of their problem last night (besides dropping about 10 passes) was the offensive line's inability to protect as well as not creating running lanes.  Not discussed, but two starters came back after weeks out with injuries, including all-Pro Joe Staley.  That probably created more problems than it solved, as o-lines tend to get better the longer they work together.


And as good looking as Jimmy Garappolo is, he's not exactly Joe Montana.  Threw some shitty passes.

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