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I see the National Felon League (NFL) is at it again. At least Kraft is smart enough to never have played in this ridiculous exhibition.   Isn't it time to do away with this so called "sport" that

But how does this square up with the sport of kings, where - well, you know what happens?

I understand what you're saying, Rich.   And now that the dangers of CTE are pretty well known, don't you think it's up to individuals, and certainly parents of individuals who are too young to make

Bit of sarcasm, Holly, he'd be a terrible coach at least in the motivation dept and I imagine has no desire to do it.  Was a gut reatcion to "Poor Eli" as in he's had a great career, made crazy dough (deserving or not) and hall of famer to be. So I can't feel bad for him losing now or reduced to garbage time.  Tough times for NY sports.

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Somewhat amusing the way the Seahawks managed to lose to the Niners.

The last, what, 5 Niners' games have basically all come down to the last play or two.  Yesterday's was justice for the Julio Jones' catch.


In any event, a week off, and home field, can't hurt.  Niners must do a better job against mobile qbs, but I really enjoy watching their offense.

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