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I used Task Rabbit for the first time today; had hired someone via the web site/app whatever to replace a blown out transformer and light fixture.


Picked the one with the most reviews, and they were literally all positive reviews.


Person did the job in an hour, perfectly.  I'm impressed with the whole procedure, as I've decided all the stuff I used to do (and do poorly), I'm just gonna hire someone from now on. It's good for the economy.

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It took me four months to get around to learning how to connect Ethernet plugs to the cat-6 line strung through our new home by our contractors, who refused to make those lines actually usable.


I finally did one of the two lines two months ago. Many tries, arranging those little colored wires before crimping. It tested successfully, I think, except for one stubborn wire. Or maybe it's a crimp deep in the wall. If I can correct it at an end, whichever end that might be, I should do the second line.


I'm told this is the kind of thing well worth delegating to a TaskRabbit minion.



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