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xun yu si kao

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We were in Flushing last night and came upon this place.. It looked interesting so we went in.  Actually, we parked about two blocks away from our intended restaurant,  We were headed to hot space, which is another Sichuan Restaurant that seams to specialize in this type of grilled fish served in a broth on a tray with things added in and kept hot with sternos.  But, it was so windy and we didn't feel like walking and we had heard of this place from various outlets...  This place looks like they got their liquor license issued on the 2nd of this year and it's on google maps yet.. so, it must be fairly new. 


Xun Yu Si Kao is a china from China I believe.. There is one in Borough Park, one in Houston, one in Philly and I am sure other cities and I believe the chain came from China. 


There are cold appetizers and full plates and some bbq.. But, we just went straight in for the fish and we were not disappointed.. 


The arrangement is fairly simple..


Step 1 You order one of 4 whole fish..  Tilapia, Bass, Big Mouth Bass, Sea Bass

Step 2 Choose your broth: around 12 different sauces ranging from spicy to sour and things in between.. pickled peppers. 

Step 3 Add things to the broth:  You have noodles and vegetables, to rice cakes, mushrooms and pig blood cakes. 

Step 4: eat


We started with a simple dish from their cold starters.. They have most of what you would expect and a few different than the usual.  We love the cucumbers.. you can choose garlic and something else.. we went garlic. 


An unbelievable amount of garlic with probably scallion.. it was delicious.. the cucumbers were scooped and smashed



Sea bass split straight down the middle and opened like a book... We ordered the spicy, which was the spiciest.. It tasted of dark  roasted peppers.. it was oily and brothy and filled with sichuan peppercorns.. It was really the perfect spice for us. 



We added cabbage, rice cakes and homemade starch noodles.. 


these rice cakes were of good quality.. they go softer and soaked up the broth... not the hard ones that often disappoint.. We were also impressed with the quality of the fish








The two of us were really impressed with this place.. Would happily return and try other things. 

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Thanks, good to know! There's a Sunset Park location I've walked by a couple times, on that stretch of 7th Ave that's become the new / younger / "hip" section of the neighborhood - been curious. Quite a lot that's opened there has been family-style Sichuan of one kind or another, hot pot / seafood boil / BBQ / dry pot / assorted combinations of those. 

But man, what's with the frogs? $56? Those aren't on the BK menu - https://www.xunyusikaobrooklyn.com/ - though there are a couple other frog dishes not nearly as pricey.

There's a similar looking place a block away from the BK one, Chuan Tian Xia, that's been mega-popular, often has an hour-plus wait at night. Smaller but similar menu. They're the only two places in Sunset Park I've seen Mao Xue Wang served (roughly translated, "hairy blood" I think) - a stew of assorted innards: tripe, chicken gizzards, and blood cake (usually duck, sometimes pork) - so I might have to go compare the two when I'm in an offaly mood. 

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I really haven't explored the menu outside of the fish...  I have been t Chuan Tian Xia maybe three times in the last 5 months or so..  It's good, I wouldn't say it was great, if it's that busy, it just shows the lack of options in the area.  

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 it just shows the lack of options in the area.  


Yeah, as Sichuan options go Sunset is still in the infancy stages compared to Flushing, but it's growing at quite a clip given it's the dining trend among the younger crowds. Nothing fancy-fancy on the level of a Guan Fu or DaXi or SMH, and I'm not sure there will be, but I suspect we're going to be seeing more branches of popular casual Flushing places (a la XYSK) showing up. There's already a Grill Master (from the Friendship BBQ team) scheduled to open in a couple months. 

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