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Disappointing trip from a gastronomic/entertainment perspective.  I did have some recommendations by PM, but Sunday was my open night, and a lot of Dallas is closed on Sunday.  In fact, a lot of Dallas seems to be closed Sunday through Wednesday.  A number of places I had on my short-list to check out for live music, for example, don't bother opening their doors the first half of the week.  Note the contrast with Austin, Nashville, and New Orleans, where the party is pretty much 24/7.


Elm Street Cask & Kitchen was where I ended up on Sunday, initially the only diner in the place (a party walked in later).  Nothing inspired about the cocktails or food.  Meso Maya Comida Y Copas (not my choice) was entirely lame; authentic food from the interior of Mexico, but with the flavor completely removed. I could make better cochinito pibil blindfolded.


Then finally, a night of conference sliders.


I did get out to a couple of (open) music bars in Deep Ellum, but they were dead on a Monday night. At least the thunder storms held off.

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