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Cherry Point is the Greenpoint bar that recently ramped up its food program, which led to favorable attention from Pete Wells.


The focus is meat-centric British cooking.  The quality of execution is ridiculously high for some bar in Greenpoint.  And the prices are more than reasonable.


So I feel a little bad grousing that I wish there were more main-dish selections.


But everything I had was prime.  The jar of smoked whitefish, for example -- served with house-made saltines and some kind of delicious tarted up butter -- continues to haunt me.


Think of a less ambitious Beatrice Inn with much lower prices and not a douchebag in sight.

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I'm pretty sure they smoke something there.

Watching the Lifetime channel's You on Netflix made me wonder what the douchbag ratio in Greenpoint is like these days. Prime Williamsburg is already overrun, no?

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(Maybe because there's very little new development there as of yet.)

I’m very sorry to say this couldn’t be further from the truth. Walk up northern West Street near the river to see all the new high rise developments. Greenpoint is about to explode.

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So it's more like the Hunter's Point waterfront creeping down than the Williamsburg waterfront creeping up?

Having lived in Hunter’s Point during the building boom, it’s like it followed me across the Pulaski Bridge :(


They had been talking about putting a pedestrian bridge over Newtown Creek to connect the north western corner of Greenpoint with Hunter’s Point to give people easier access to the 7 train, which would relieve pressure on the G. I hope it happens.

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