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You can get Wild Turkey at the bar

Whatever flaws there were in his residency at Racine's, they do not exist here.   Yes, you could pick out some minor defects here and there.  But the whole is fucking great.   Just go.

The 'COLLECTIVE CELEBRITY CHEF DINNER SERIES' page states that 'a private water taxi will whisk guests to the island'. I presume it's included in the fee/booking. It's possible you're on your own for the return ferry.

I sort of wish I'd known about this before today. It's not too warm, and for once the air is relatively dry. Tomorrow evening it may rain.

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I don't expect anyone here attended the dinner, but do any of us anticipate it would be worse value than a similarly priced dinner at EMP?

There's only one seating and a fixed menu, so I expect it's rather easier on the kitchen, more like a private/catered dinner.

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And let's face it:  pop-ups generally suck.  They're almost NEVER worth it.

And here, a pop-up where there's a question whether there are even adequate kitchen facilities.  (I don't know.  Maybe that glamping facility has a good kitchen.  But Paul Liebrandt good?)

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