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This isn't the social commentary that "Get Out" was, but it's a lot of scary fun.  Lupita gets to take over.  There are all kinds of Easter eggs, including The Shining, Persona, CHUD, Friday the Thirteenth, The Lost Boys, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, etc.  Mr. Peele again shows he is one to be reckoned with.  As a bonus you get an extended playing of "Fuck the Police" on the soundtrack.

I guess the question is will Peele limit himself to the horror genre as Hitchcock limited himself to suspense, or will he expand into other types of narratives?  His co-writing of "Keanu" suggests he can. 

Peele has a "cameo" in the film as the voice of a dying rabbit (there are quite a few rabbits in the movie).

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Didn’t like it as much as Get Out, because of course one has to compare it (why?), but great scenery chewing from Elisabeth Moss, Lupita is a star, and I thought the young actor playing her daughter was really good.


I didn’t find it scary in that kind of jump-out-or-seat way. I don’t think it’s a spoiler






but it curiously strays across sub-genres, from haunted family home to dystopian apocalypse via some fantasy stuff with rabbits. Too many ideas?


The internal references to other horror movies are fun.

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I wasn't a big fan.. I was hoping for something more scary.  I feel like the previews were better than the movie.. At one point, there was a scene where someone is escaping and they hit the bad guy or a bad person with the car.. They or someone then decides to stop the car to go out and check on the bad person that was hit.. That is when I checked out, I decided to fall asleep..  It's a struggle for me to stay awake once you put me in a dark room.   Miss A and Miss K were talking about some things I missed that they enjoyed but, yeh, there were some just incredulous things that I couldn't get past.   Horror is hard, this was not my favorite.   Acting was great no doubt.

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