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Osteria Crescendo...Westwood

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Some thoughts:

Food was very good. The only thing I didn't like much was the mushroom crespelle - too much mushy mushroom filling with not quite enough mushroom flavor (like, they should have roasted the snot out of some of the mushrooms before grinding them up). Everything else was great. The spaghetti with porchetta ragu was fantastic. The huge $169 steak was also great (both the steak and all the side fixings). 


Service was young, friendly, and attentive. Proper pacing, changing out everything between courses, bringing out enough serving utensils for each course, etc. Explanations of the menu were about 2x as detailed as I needed, but for this area I can see why it might be necessary. They need to teach a lesson in pouring though, every water refill ended up with puddles on the table. 


Wine list is both good and bad. The good is that it's all somewhat interesting Italian wines at low absolute prices (btg 10-17 or so, most bottles under 70, almost all the wines are available btg). No supermarket pinot grigio here! The bad is that despite the low absolute prices the markups are steep - 2.5-3x retail. The "reserve" list is short, also 2-3x marked up, and all current releases. So if you want to drink old italian wine with your meal on a weekend, go somewhere else. Also, funny bit, they definitely try to prepare you for the wine list "it's all italian so no pinot, cabernet, or sauvignon blanc" - I guess they've never heard of the alto adige or super tuscans? - and also even when you order the chardonnay they warn you that's not quite like an American chardonnay. Again, I found it funny though I can see why it might be necessary.


I didn't find the pricing so bad. I think it depends on what you order. The awesome spaghetti, for example, was a huge portion for $24. If it was just me and Mrs. Tubbs we could have ordered two antipasta and the spaghetti and had enough food. The antipasti are also large. The scallops were a respectably-sized main as well, more than enough for one person (5 scallops, U-10-ish, with prosciutto around them, and plenty of quinoa). We ended up spending just over $200 per couple, we got the huge steak, 2 other mains, 2 pastas, 3 antipasti, and 2 desserts for 6 people (and maybe 1.5 drinks pp). We did not come close to finishing all the food, and could have easily got out for under $200 per couple if we had a different main instead of the steak. It's definitely ideal to go here with at least 4 people.


Also, it's annoyingly loud. Could not hear the people across from me at our round table. And slammed on a Saturday night.

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Sorry, but I for one do not know the who, what or WHERE.   Please share.  What was the previous place, or where exactly is it?  Owner?  Chef?  You,know- a little info for those not in the loop?

Same chef/owner as Viaggio, in Wayne. Check that thread for prior discussion re: this new restaurant.

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