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Crown Shy

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Although, just so I don't seem like a total hypocrite, BH food to me also isn't intellectually interesting the way New Nordic or natural wine can be.


Conversely, does food have to be interesting to be good?

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Absolutely not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That's my point about Gotham:  the less "interesting" bar menu seems materially better than the more "interesting" dining room menu.

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During the holiday season there’s always something unexpected, if not highly SHOCKING, that occurs … at least that’s my experience


And it proved to be the case once again this Thanksgiving as I came to the sad realization that ...


I had … fasten your seatbelts, ladies and gentle people … made an ERROR !


Yep it happens … it’s extremely rare .. but it happens


These are called Black Swan events for those versed in such matters


HOWEVER, unlike so many others here, I admit my errors when they come to my attention … and I attempt to correct them …. and, if and when necessary, I apologize


Hence …


@Seth - I want to apologize for being wrong re prices during our discussion about your beloved Beaux Sens champagne


I’m sorry as I should have had my facts in order but I didn’t


I could make excuses … things like ... I was traveling at the time … or running on very little sleep … blah blah blah … but excuses are for losers ... and those are NOT remotely acceptable excuses in my book nor in my mind


So once again, I am very sorry for being wrong and using inappropriate words during our prior discussion … and being a bit harsh with you


I’ll also note that I have been drinking A LOT recently … non-stop champagne since yesterday … continuing thru to this very minute (Drappier Brut Nature at this exact second, to be exact, but it changes every handful of minutes or so) … had to even go and buy a quick re-stock this afternoon in prep for placing a MAJOR order … anyway before I start rambling incoherently I'm going to end it here as I have to stumble out into the wilderness now and head to dinner somewhere where festivities will sadly, undoubtedly continue and continue and continue… but please do accept my apologies !


And Happy Thanksgiving to all !


I’ll try to explain the errors of my way when I sober up … but here’s the context for you until then … and thanks for giving me a chance to make amends ... I think I'll feel better about myself after doing so ...


... there were a few identical bottles on both CS and Atomix's lists. I only looked at the bubblies - but out of curiosity I made a little chart of the overlap.

Numbers, in order - Atomix price, Crown Shy price, lowest NYC retail price I could find, and the Crown Shy markup.


(pasted as a jpg because I couldn't figure out how to make tables in this box)

Anyway... granted that's just smidge of the overall selections, but Champers is traditionally the MOST inflated part of any wine menu. Atomix's prices are fairly normal by NYC standards. Most are hovering around 2X retail, a couple even fall short of that. Crown Shy... I mean, the highest (in this admittedly slim subset) is 1.5X retail. That's practically unheard of in NYC.



And look at me here ... I'm such a son of a bitch ... 


Sorry, Seth, we haven’t formally met, I’m Chambolle (but my friends call me Chambo and you can too*). I’m a total son of a bitch who likes to stay totally on-point and I’m highly fact-based. If you can deal with that, I think you may like me. If not, you’re going to really hate me. By the way, I take strong issue with your cherry-picking a super high retail price for Beaux Sens ... because you’re not showing bon sens ... since a fair price is a little more than HALF your retail price


Everything is relative. What you personally would consider a fair price is a bit irrelevant to what the actual lowest retail price in NYC is, unless you open a wine shop here and sell bottles of 2013 Beaux Sens for $68. In which case I would happily pop in, say hi, and purchase a case. And while it isn't by any means exhaustive, the stubborn fact is the cheapest bottle of 2013 Beaux Sens that wine-searcher.com found - not just within NYC but within 200 miles of Crown Shy - was $137.

And then when tuning in from Tokyo, I was totally lit up when writing this post as I was recalling an extremely eventful day in my life and at the bottom of that post when I addressed you as shown below I probably could have chosen my words better if I knew then what I know now ... so once again, I apologize !

And Seth, don't think for a second I agree with anything you wrote in the first paragraph here other than "it isn't by any means exhaustive" because as Tubbs immediately shows it sure wasn't, was it ? And now your trial balloon is rapidly losing altitude and I don't have enough time to keep correcting incorrect facts. Champagne is easily shippable and it's not at all expensive to do so, most especially if you're in the case-buying business as you profess to be. It is not unreasonable (in fact, it's reasonable) to think about many / most champagnes as almost a global commodity. I sent this list to multiple knowledgeable people in different countries and they are all on-board with Chambo.
And mark my words ... even though I'm surrounded by the Japanese right now ... I shall return ! I shall and the Crown shall fall, inshallah ! ... and the concept of fairness will be restored throughout the world ... because there are those among us who have lost any and all conception of what is fair and toss out that word SO easily and refuse to (actually, can't) back it up at all ...

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Post-Thanksgiving, Chambo's Shaping the Battlefield
Twas Black Friday ... Black Hawk Down, maybe so ... but Black Swan Chambo is up ... 
But up to what exactly ?
That's the key question ... up to no good ? up to his eyes in alligators ? up to his eyes in a bathtub filled with an overflowing river of champagne and drinking non-stop just to avoid drowning
Or is he still drunk and beyond help ... beyond your imagination ... beyond Beyonce ... for it is there that lies Chambo's champagne-filled flights of fantasy ... to attempt understand any of this, try this ...

I’ll note for the record that I like good champagne very much. I love white wines and drink them all the time. You couldn’t imagine how much champagne I drink. I live in Paris, ya know. You go to anyone’s house and you’re bringing bubbles and you’re bubbling the host’s bubbles the moment you step inside. Thats my experience, at least. So yes, three cheers for champagne prices but can you see that maybe Chambo doesn’t need to popping champagne in the financial district unless he’s closing a major deal

Enter the mind of madman ... as he imagines his feelings to be those of a woman ... a woman in love with Champagne ... and now play the video and listen carefully ... because in Paris, as I've told you, all we ever do is drink champagne ...

... but is there more to it ... is the woman in the tub or on the tube ... is Chambo bored with surfing or bored with board games ... or is he playing games ... could he possibly be off-point :huh: ... at this point no one really knows for sure ... as it's all still one big blur ...
Make Love not War ! and don't make shit up !

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Well at least someone else thought the Gruyere Fritters were great. Wells had it as his 4th favorite dish of the year. 

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