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Frost Italian Restaurant

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193 Frost Street:


I consider this among the best red sauces places I have been to in Brooklyn.. The waiter was incredibly with the kids, it was empty during a weekend lunch and it was big enough for us not to bother people around us.  But, the skill of the kitchen was apparent.  Almost everything we had was done well, flavors were on point.  


I don't know why, baked clams, so easy, are usually so disappointing.. These were great. 





Veal sorrentina:




I had ordered shrimp francese but, they brought out another veal dish. 


It was so lemony and buttery. lots of garlic as you can see.  




for an extra 10 dollars, you forgo your free side pasta and get a plate of linguini with clam sauce.  It is subtle, less heavy than the two dishes above... It's a good version, not life changing but, enjoyable and fresh





the kids ordered chicken parm, this was a third portion:  so excited, we sold it as chicken pizza and well, all plates were cleared.. And even more fun, i get to start making lots of chicken parm at home. 





this lasagna was terrible.. it was dry and hard and, well, not good... but, i don't really like lasagna and this was a bad one.




thick noodles:




we had three desserts.. i would pass on them.. complimentary sugary 30 proof anisette i would pass on too..   There was much of the menu unexplored.. but, the francese shrimp is very exciting, their are a lot of homemade pastas and ravioli and gnocchi.. They have mussels, squid, conch, all fra diavolo which appeals to me.    The space,  the location, i can't wait to go back and bring people.   

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The first time I went to Frost was 1962.


when was the last?  do you like that place? 

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I thought I had posted about a meal or two here...convenient to Brooklyn Steel for pre show (other than on a Monday!).


Enjoyable in that certain way.

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