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I may have up to four dinner opportunities in Chicago in June, although the number will probably dwindle.  I liked The Girl and the Goat last year.  Any suggestions welcome.  Preferably within reach o

We just returned. Fine cocktails at Kumiko. Do not bother with the omakase and food pairings in the basement restaurant - Kikko. Acadia, Oriole, the Bellemore if you have time, inclination, can get re

We will be dining, this evening, at Publican Tavern, in Terminal 3 at O’Hare. Looks lovely.   Our flight home from Seattle yesterday could not be non-stop as originally booked, since AA had to remo

Previous night, Orso’s, apparently very old too. How old, a cursory search doesn’t tell me.

Old school Italian, exactly what I neither enjoy nor understand. Entrees, four chickens, two fish and a filet. Chicken verdino featured two chicken breasts (or maybe a huge one sliced in two), breaded, and blanketed in a mushroom, cream and garlic gloop. The gloop meant the breading was wet, so why bother?

Now I wouldn’t say the cooking at The Berghoff is “better,” but it cooks things I understand and want to eat.

My second business-related collision with this kind of Italian food this year.

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