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China June 2019

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So, took a quick 7 day trip over to China.. I was staying in Zhangjiagang and Yangzhou.. Did some business, ate some food, had no free time outside of the time I spent not sleeping from about 3 am to breakfast the following day at 7 am.. Anyway, lots of fun things, always surprised how fantastic the food is.. You forget, you eat the food in the US and it's good and you get into a groove of finding one or two good dishes or one or two restaurants but, then you go to China and are blown away by not only the sheer diversity but, just how wonderful everything is.   


Anyway, first night, had traveled many hours and met my customer and her son and had a small meal, upon our request. 




greens with garlic in like a chicken broth.. Greens being one of those things that baffles my mind.. I have yet to find a simple plate of greens that compares.. 


having been in chicago days before and taking my buddy out for seafood, i know that this place of crabs would have been at least 80 bucks in Chicago.. This was 63 rmb or like 10 bucks. crab, garlic, enoki mushrooms.. 




the star of the show, this came with a lid on it.. when opened, the bowl was alive with movement, as were the shrimp.. drunken shrimp.. so fresh, so delicious.. a little creepy they were still moving until you got the hang of it.. I ate so many of these guys.. 




"basic" crispy dumpling.  




braised pork belly.. 





there were one or two other vegetable dishes.. definitely a celery dish...   a nice start with a couple of beers and some old business friends. 

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Next day, we went to lunch at a pretty basic like cafeteria place that service a few of the buildings.. It's really basic and some of the food is fantastic, some of it is just very good.. 


This is something I do not see very often and yet, it's a very popular dish in China.. In fact, crab roe itself is very popular.. Jax's favorite snack are batter fried sesame seeds with crab roe flavoring.. Every time I give these to Jax, he says with the same surprise and gratitude, "Oh daddy, these are my favorite seeds.. "  


But yeh, crab roe and tofu soup:




The thing about China, you eat broth all day.. I have two types of soup for breakfast, a few soups on the table for lunch and a few for dinner.. 


This is spicy fish and sour cabbage a sichuan dish:





tofu soy beans, a little pork and peppers:




noodles and beef:




when we walked into the restaurant, the woman behind the front counter had a tray of these that she was just casually working on.. she was passing the time by expertly banging these out.. they were delicious.. soft, thin, filled with local greens and a little meat..   



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second dinner:


The people we see are a big deal in the town.. They have loads of friends and almost on a nightly basis they are invited to these lavish get togethers.. I don't know how lavish they are but, they are at least a few hundred dollars.. and there usually is drinking to excess, eating to excess and smoking to excess.. I always say good night and do not go out with the men after dinner.. I am married, my contact is female so I am not obligated as she doesn't go out and by that point i am near exhaustion as I usually start my day around 3 to 4 am while there.. But, yeh, i can only imagine there is more of everything going on..  this last trip a group of college kids asked me to a beer bar.. I declined as well.  


However, actually, after this dinner, the man down page wanted to show us his new house.. He has a job producing various cooking oils in china and was super proud of his house.. it was huge, with european and american influences.. It was in this sort of suburban/urban type closed in area... it had a parking garage in the basement that went to many peoples homes but, it was like a 4 story house. there was a pool room, a traditional chinese tea room, there was an elevator and then lots of different furnishings and wood work and it was a hodgepodge of styles, half the rooms were not decorated.. It was very vegas and opulent and strange.    We played 8 ball on a table where no one had ever played and taught him the rules..   Fun time, I was exhausted, he was super proud, he paid for dinner, he also may have did better than he normally would have as his smiling family watched along.. 


But anyway,  these photos do not represent half of the food that came out during the meal.. 




this was peanuts and jelly fish:




Abalone, cold crawfish and raw salmon:




chicken consume: just a really strong and lovely chicken flavor:




A really salty and firm fish





Another fish with soy beans:




going for the cheeks:




Pork belly with either plums or pears:




Garlic Crab and noodles:




super fresh shrimp:




pork and sprouts:




this is really interesting,... this is pig skin.. it has been treated in such a way that it almost comes off like a vegetable or maybe a strange sea creature.. i love the texture, it had to be fried and then boiled.. it was served with cabbage.. i love this 




they get beer for me as I normally don't drink rice wine that much.. but, we were drinking 200 dollar bottles of this stuff and it was fairly decent.. the worst thing is the hangover and if you drink 200 dollar a bottle rice wine, you don't get a hangover but, the taste is about the same.. 




but, very interesting, plastic growlers.. Another interesting thing, you can bring your own alcohol to any restaurant.. so, we literally had a guy show up to our private room with a beer delivery.. can you imagine that happening in a us restaurant that also sells alcohol.. Like, sitting at a restaurant and having a delivery guy from Astor Wines show up at your table.. I don't think it would fly.. 


As we are not savages, we ended the meal properly with some rice. 



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Dinner Three:


Well it's crawfish season.. These are served over ice and have like a wasabi flavor:





Next are served hot with butter and garlic:




Crab Roe soup:




Turtle Soup, the only dish I didn't like of the trip




Beef cooked to death with spicy dipping sauce.. Though it looks like a travesty, it actually tastes better than it looked.. soft and ok.. 








One of my favorite dishes of the night.. well, they all were so good but, this was tarro with a spicy brown sauce. 




More pork skin with also pork stuffed in an egg omelette. 




these juicey and crispy dumplings: 




while it looks like he is sincere, he is just fucking with me and giving the stereotypical Asian peace sign.. Seconds after the photo he frowned and pretty much told me to stop being a bitch and chug rice wine with him.. 











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