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FIFA Women's World Cup 2019

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amazing, love it.. Miss A tried to get me to go to Paris for my birthday to watch the finals but, Alas, i am called off to Atlanta... Almost as exciting. 

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totally, would have been an amazing trip.. But, with kids and work and everything, it would have been incredibly hectic and well, I am old now.. If it were 4 years ago, we might have driven to Paris  :P .. 

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It's very rare that a televised sporting event holds my attention. These last two USA games, the '86 World Series, the '94 Stanley Cup finals, maybe a Super Bowl here and there, but that's pretty much it. So I'm very much looking forward to Sunday!  

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Miss A tried to get me to go to Paris for my birthday to watch the finals ... 


Finals (and both semi-finals) are in Lyon, in fact … as is my Seattle-based sister, along with her hubbie and her 13yo twin girls.



Re twins, fraternal not identical, crazy fans of their country’s women’s team (actually the whole family is), both are supposedly semi-serious soccer stars who are more into Orangina than drinking Chambo’s fine wines (although they tried a bit … and they approved “nice and fruity and earthy and spicy and delicate, Uncle Chambo ! ”), who are more into galettes de Breizh Café et souvlaki de Filakia (twas near their Airbnb) et pizza chez Louie Louie than any good food like poulpe de Galice et langue de veau sauce gribiche (“What’s this Uncle Chambo ?” Just try it. “It’s okay. What is it, Uncle Chambo ?” Have a little more ! “Yeah, it’s pretty good ! What is it, Uncle Chambo !” Veal tongue !!! You’re chewing on a baby cow’s tongue right now !!! Tasty, right ? “Ooooooh, gross ! Gross !!” Here, have some wine … and try this. “It looks slimy !” It comes from the sea. Of course it’s slimy. Fish is a bit slimy compared to a hamburger, right ? “Oooooh it IS slimy !") … …



Best Paris moments for the twins – candy candy candy and desserts. Yes, they approved of Pierre Hermé’s dessert deliciousness but the absolute greatest non-soccer part of the trip so far was watching candy being made at Papabubble !



Nothing else was even close !



Not my hoary, gory stories of beings being beheaded during the Revolution as we strolled thru Place de la Concorde.


Not the beauty of the Jardin et Palais du Lux as I tried to explain the Italian influences that were bleeding into France at this time.


Not my explanations of the exploits of Marechal Ney and the Napoleonic armies as they were rampaging throughout Europe as we were rambling past Rude’s sculpture on Avenue de l’Observatoire on our way to a cocktail on Blvd Montparnasse.



Not nothing.


So they arrived in Paris for a few days, then followed the team to Reims for the game, returned to Paris (via Rouen, Normandy and the D-Day beaches / American Cemetery cuz they had a few days to kill prior to game day) for the Spain game and headed out to Lyon on Monday.



They are at the game right now and were at the USA game yesterday and will be at the finals later this week.



In short, they are having the time of their lives


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No trip to France for us but, I got to leave work to watch the game at the other work. Watched the regular game play before being summoned to bartend as the place was packed. I was making a vodka soda during the over time goal but, heard the cheers.


I was really impressed with the Dutchies. I was expecting Sweden to win that one but, The Netherlands controlled the game and had seemed to dominate. Although it appeared they both had opportunities to win, I feel like the better team that day, prevailed.


I know the any given Sunday theory but, it does look good for the US.

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