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Micromanage my Life - Japan

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Seizan has a 14:30 seat for lunch 03-3451-8320 ,not sure if counter or not.

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Gracias ... just don't think I want to do a big LUNCH ... and drink drink drink ... and wind up wasting my whole day on a meal ... really want to do din din


My Ishi email was indeed intercepted by the Omakase Mafia ... as expected ... as if I need this intermediary for anything other than to take a couple lbs of my flesh when it was I who spoke to the resto directly by phone the day prior ... but since I don't have a phone # for them to call me re a waiting list opportunity ... and they are only setup to make calls and not send emails ... and we went back and forth a few times with me trying to explain how I can Skype them but they can't call me (data SIM, data SIM and that I'm not set up properly to receive via Skype) and why I want to give them an email address and I'll respond instantly either by email or I'll call them back and they can hear my beautiful voice ... well let's just say progress is slow and the clock is ticking and I'm not totally convinced the Mafia passed the msg along ... but I'm a skeptic until proved otherwise ... it's often the right way to deal with the commercial world ...

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Burst into Takumi Shingo unannounced today ... as is my between meals modus operandi ... and 4 guys are spread out on floor, chairs and counter as if killed by the mafia ... only they were sleeping and didn't stir with my first three Kon'nichiwas ... chef comes out ... nice white T-shirt by the way ... we chat and I decide not to push it cuz I'm going in March ... but now I've seen the 9-seat, semi-bent counter space ... and that's why I flyby ... I want to know and see where I'll be with my very own eyes


Similar full court press chez Higuchi just prior to T S ... lots of sleeping and waking there too


By the way, I want to report back from the future ... I've been to Kagurazaka Ishikawa already ...  ... and I went in March 2020 ... yes tis true ... the only thing that would prevent it is if I'm no longer physically on the planet ... and in fact that is my ultimate goal ... and I'm getting there ... slowly but surely 


How did I like Ishi ? 


No way, man ... that's a trick question and the answer is classified ... why ? well it's very complex to explain ... it has to do the structure of our universe and I'm not going to get into all the details right now because few if any would ever come close to understanding ... although Wilf would make valiant try aka air ball ... but let's just say this ... I can report FACTS from the future forever and ever ... the universe is constructed so and can deal with it easily without being stressed ... HOWEVER when feelings and opinions decelerate faster than the speed of light (and that's what it takes) all hell breaks loose ... searing tears in the space-time fabric are ripped open and unfathomable demons and monsters invade our world ... and guess who has to clean it all up, huh ? Take a wild guess ... you know who ...

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Gracias ...

Désolé pour ça merci-là en espagnol, I admit that I was hamming it up a bit at the time so that’s why ... so once again, sorry for that Spanish ... I'm serious


Jamon ! Give me a break, will ya ... we can't have any fun around here ... geesh ... what's with you people anyway !


It's not like I'm in Eating in Japan ... I'm out and about in my own little world ... a fabulous place I might add ... Japan ... yep still here


Come on, Joe, get a grip. It's totally illogical to be logical around here ... you know that ... so it's much more Mork and Windy, wouldn't you say ?


By the way, what do you forecast I'm going to do next, huh ?


Regarding things that I'd normally say and that I've already written but lack permission* to post, you wanna be a star, Joe ? do I have your blessing to proceed ?


Just say yes and I’ll fire away


Actually it's going to be a joint starring role cuz I'm involved too and yeah it's about joints ... by the way, you're kind of a porn star, but you’re good with that, right ?


I think you come out looking real good :unsure: but stardom is always in the eye of the beholder ... so here's the deal ... you give approval and I'll dig into the archives and I promise a little Supper post to go along with the big one here ... and pornography is pretty much fine here, right ? I read the legal fine print and didn't find anything against it


And Joe, if you say no, I think you're gonna really be blowing it


In other news ... stay tuned ... cuz we have some NFL action ... and Chambo is thick into major warfare on the Yogurt Front and it's a pretty sour affair ...


* @Orik - yeah yeah, I know I know, Danger Danger, it'll have to post post-Japan because I still got a lot (a bellota) on my plate** ... it's gonna be epic ... I think you'll come out looking really good too ! Trust me ... have a little faith


** and I haven't forgotten about you at all, Eat, but some news in November is fine for Feb ... be chill ... but I'm really more of a public figure ... go figure ... I believe more in private industry than private communications ... anyway you're doing just fine for the moment ... but probably overly ambitious on what you'll actually be able to achieve ... but nothing wrong with stretch goals ... so it's two thumbs up for the moment ... you're in with da Vinci, right ? He's a good buddy of mine too ... yeah I used to hang with him in the good old days ... true story ... we're pretty much from the same nest ... we both have a billion ideas and we never finish any of them ... because once you see the picture perfectly in your mind's eye ... the dreary execution of it all seems like a total waste of time ... but I'm working on that cuz he was severely criticized for that very aspect ... and I don't like off-point criticism ... on point, Bring it On ... I'm always willing to learn .. off point, War ! ... but can't we all get along ? Let's just Make Love all day, non ? Trop francais pour vous ? ... pffffft ... Americans ...

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Haven't been to An Di, looks nice.


Looks are deceiving ... An Di is of no interest ... first meal in six weeks that was a waste of time ... a joke of a "Vietnamese" resto ... and of course I hold no one other than myself accountable for the situation

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Decent dinner chez Chateau Chambo tonight … a tad complicated since it was a bit hectic at first  … but All’s Well that Ends Well, right ?


From here on out … I’m going to leave it to the professionals ...


TL;DR … Chambo awakes from a coma and rocks the World …


From coma to cooking to rocking … crazy stuff … wasted but shuffling … “hands up, Brit … you’re arrested … time to Party … come with me in Shibuya … we're going now …”


Chambo, me and myself, a little disoriented meet up with the real world … it happens rarely … but it happens


Home Boy … what do you mean … the whole world ? seriously ? fuck the demo … It's real time all the time chez Chambo !


Learn to live in REAL TIME … have a good time … lose your mind … Chambo in da hows !


Where he goan next ? tis anybody’s guess … and I have absolutely no idea either ...





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@ Ev ... I'm fully aware that this thread did not proceed as you might have expected ... or hoped ...


but I am NOT one who desires to disappoint ...


when do you arrive in the land of the Rising Sun ... what do you need prior ... what might you want know ... your humble servant


if I can be of any help ... serve any cause .. please do tell ...


for I am Fudō Myōō ... with burning desire in my belly ... standing here, wanting to please ...


yes I'm from the Middle Ages but almost a 1000 years has not slowed the spring in my step ...


speak to me now Ev ... or forever hold your peace ... and make love not war ...


cause things are about to take a MONUMENTAL TURN TOWARDS ETERNITY ... the Age of Chambo is about to begin ...


but I can juggle many balls ... and I can take many forms ... for I am Ovidian at my core ... that is my nature ... nuture nature ... nature nuture ... n 'n n and on n on ... ad nauseam ... Escher is your usher in Chambo's cinema ... welcome ! cuz you're never leaving ..,.


it's the Apocalypse Now ... I'm swimming in troubled waters .. but I will soon take full military command of the planet ... and my new age will dawn ..


doubt Chambo at your peril ...



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I’m in at Miyasaka

I’m in at Yamasaki

Superb meal tonight with zen master M


Wise on deck


Then on to the Peninsula



eta - my work here has succeeded ... I have achieved what I set out to do ... I hope to further explain ... M and Y ... these are just celebratory dinners of today's success ... it was a MONUMENTAL day today in Japan ... so read the news ... but that ain't the half of it ... that ain't the real story ... but this is the reason why I came here ... the real story is how Chambo used THE POWER to be front and center with all those royals ... what did he do there during the enthronement ?   ... stay tuned ... stay tuned, my friends ...

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Glad you're having a great first visit to Tokyo! And I appreciate your offer. You definitely have 'the touch' with getting into some of the places that are nearly impossible to get into on short notice (or at all).


I am heading over in mid-December. After a lot of visits I start hounding my concierge as soon as I book my stay. I have used them for 6 years, so they know I will ride them like a pony until I get what I am after. That usually makes them proactive about procuring my reservations asap  :ph43r:  :P . So I am pretty much set for this upcoming visit.


Who knows, maybe our paths will cross there in the Spring. 

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Any recs for Hiroshima


Looking for a casual meal for Sunday and I could be convinced to do fine dining on Monday if anything is worthy


Last night when back at Gem by Moto (Tokyo) after having a couple of glasses of wine at a very calm Winestand Waltz after having done a flyby of Ode and passing the tiny but packed Ta-im Israeli joint after having bought some Ethiopian coffee beans at Fresco coffee roasters in out there Asagaya after enjoying a double shot cappuccino there after having munched on a Taiyaki while strolling the long, covered-passageway Asagaya market after doing a flyby of Nanba's less chic sushi spot after having meandered thru the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace again, I sat next to this very with it Japanese gentleman who lives in the hood and Gem seems to be his local. We chat baseball, he's moaning that the Japanese aren't real fans like the Americans cuz they don't like to discuss RBIs, I tell him that yeah RBIs are a bit meaningful but boasting about batting average and HRs are good enough, he mentions his son goes to Berkeley School of Music, I follow that BSofM is a great school and note that I used to live in Back Bay way back and ask him if he likes the Green Monster, and he does, big time and now he's getting excited and we're bonding, NY comes up, he's heading to the Golf Masters Tournament next month flying via NYC but he said New York just said Japanese must quarantine for 14 days (is that true ? I told him that I didn't see that and it's surely not US national policy ... at least at the moment) blah blah blah blah blah


TL;DR I ask him for a Hiroshima resto rec and he mentioned the casual Suishin, which has the advantage of being open on Sunday but that's the only advantage that I'm aware of. He said to consider oysters in Hiroshima but they like to cook their oysters so focus on dishes like cooked oyster with rice, for example. Well, that's a start at least ...


Re the high end, two of Bobby Brown's fave 2014 meals were 3* Nakashima and 2* Tempura Tenko Honten (but now it seems to be a 1* hence not a great sign)


Any Hiroshima thoughts ?


And here's a LONG shot, I got 8 minutes in Kobe, starting at the train track. Any good ideas ? I'm hungry and I need feedback within the next half hour ...


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Re: sembei (as pictured elsewhere), my favorite is kuromame sembei, particularly the one made by Akebono (they have a store in Ginza, and probably at a number of depachika).




Pras, you know I have VERY good reason to be VERY upset at you ... but I'm not really the type to hold a grudge ... especially when you were doing your utmost to help a poor, lost soul like sweet, little Chambo


Please note that Akebono does NOT seem to make kuromame senbei anymore ... or at least that's what I believe I was being told ... at a minimum, the Ginza store surely did not have them. I asked (or at least I tried to ask, many times and many different ways) if they were just out of stock or it was a seasonal thing or whatever, but I was being told that they simply don't make them anymore. It sounds strange to me, but whatever


Being one who prefers to turn lemons into lemonade and not wanting my Akebono adventure to result in a big goose egg, I opted to get some of their other snacks for serious reading ... nevertheless I was now even more desperately seeking senbei a la kuromame ...




Oh man, do those little squid suckers (bottom row middle) look good or what ! 



So where would the best place to look for the mentaiko senbei? Which region is it popular in, so I can look for an antenna store when I go back to Tokyo in a few weeks.




According to this https://fukutarousa.com/ you may be able to find it in the US soon.


They don't have branches in Kanto.


Pras, you are oh so CORRECT ! and they are called menbei ... at least by people in the know, like Chambo


I made a trip to Fukuoka for the sole and express reason* of seeing whether you were right or not on this one (cause I was slightly losing faith in you, given the "Akebono Incident") and you came through like a total champ, Pras !  and as you can see, I have made some progress on the kuromame senbei situation


* and I also wanted to do Ev a solid




Open and ye shall find ... a bunch of packets ... each containing 2 menbei ... the Japanese sure love to package things, don't they ?



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What would YOU have done with these little guys ?


And are they indeed the "real McCoy", that is the "Jewel of Toyama Bay" aka shiroebi ... I think so, but I'm gullible and I want to believe ... and it's still March so I'm a bit confused ...



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How depressing …

Nothing lasts forever … not a Universe, not a Mulitverse, not a Volt, not a Car, not a Tesla, not a Star, not an Empire, not a State, nor even a Mind … … never mind

Where was I ?

Oh yeah … nothing lasts forever … not a brief moment in time, not a brief history of time, not an idea in my mind and surely not this brief excursion to the Empire of the Rising Sun

Cause it’s all about to implode … T minus 14 and counting … tick tock tick tock … I’m locked and loaded and ready to explode, so before I shoot skyward let me unload …

Things are really revving up around here … alien propulsion systems are functioning flawlessly

My internal combustion engine is feeding fabulously and purring like a kitten … it’s nonstop orgiastic eating that would even evoke the envy of Sardanapalus … from the heart I cross my heart and hope to die !

Just last week … Miyasaka (again, excellent), Kirakutei (again, sort of, since he has now indeed moved to a swank spot in the Ginza, and that bastard is now slinging 5000 JPY glasses of sake towards sweet little Chambo ... like is that even possible ?), Shinohara (a super easy ressie for a guy like Chambo and impressively this guy actually knows how to cook and run a resto), Kurosaki (handsome fellow, although he was a bit jealous and shouted “Crazy Japanese” to the 2 young hotties that I left with that night #iaintdeadyet) … hahaha …

With time running short, things are about to get very, very serious … we’re accelerating … with insanity back to back … and on and on … and why not Nanba yet again …

Onwards and upwards … faster than the speed of light … to Infinity and Beyond !

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