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What are some of the other ways?

And I've had this for nearly 63.

Serious question:   Isn't eating a whole orange better for you than drinking a glass of orange juice?  You get some fiber that way (as opposed to all sugar), which I would think is somewhat importan

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For all those keeping careful track, this month I celebrate coming off strict Keto three years ago, in November 2019 (in New Orleans). Not only have I not put the weight back, I am five or six pounds lighter. (And no health issues @joethefoodie.)

I admit, after the quantities of crab cake and beer in Baltimore I feel I should have a somewhat disciplined week this week.

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Great job. I did strict Keto for six months, so around 12 weeks, and have continued moderate low carb ever since.

There are now so many Keto friendly snack options. If there is something he is specifically missing let me know, I might have a suggestion. 

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no, it’s that we both like snacks - we could be discussing british water crackers and hubby has almost no willpower. i’ll have maybe 5-6 and he’ll eat the entire bag.

i’ll mention your suggestion though. i think he realizes that going back the other direction would mean that this effort was for naught, so that is sufficient to be a restraint.

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